Land Reclamation 

If you are considering creating a new area of Cemetery on a completely new site or maybe an extension to an existing Cemetery onto a ‘new’ site then the EHGroup® can work with you to realise this goal and to ensure that you make the most out of the opportunities that the site affords.

Planning and mapping is a vital stage in the development process as it allows an accurate assessment to be made of the new burial site that can be created on the site.

Before any land can be reclaimed the ground conditions need to be carefully analysed to assess the need for possible de watering or decontamination. EHGroup® are specialists in this field and after careful examination and testing of the land our expert design team will commence with planning and mapping of the site to ensure the commercial value of the land is realised planning for the maximum number of graves and memorials to meet the clients demands.

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  • Ground conditions
  • Eco analysis of flora and fauna
  • Drainage impact of the proposal
  • Site screening
  • Traffic generation if applicable
  • Impact on the immediate locality if applicable
  • The need to remove or add soil to the site

The site would be accurately measured and then our scheme would be presented as a softline sketch design. This would show the numbers that could be achieved in each of the selected burial methods albeit below ground crypts, vaults, mausoleums memorial gardens, or charnels.