Mapping new burial spaces

Many cemetery sites in the UK are under-utilised and are not exploiting their full capacity. Their potential is not realised. The EHGroup® has a proven history of helping site Cemetery site operators realise the full potential of their sites.

The EHGroup® carries out a detailed site analysis and following this provides a design service to ensure that all burial and memorial opportunities are maximised on the site.

This study reviews the existing layout of the cemetery, graves, memorials, parking, access, boundary conditions and unused land. It also reviews the ground condition and considers any boundary or access issues.

Once the initial study is undertaken a design is drawn up that looks to re-configuration the site where appropriate to:

a) Provide more burial and memorial accommodation to unused areas of the site

b) To reconfigure existing burial areas to rationalise poor layouts and provide further burial and memorial accommodation

c) To reconfigure existing paths to improve access throughout the site

d) To consider the possibility of constructing vaults or crypts if feasible to increase values.

Initial advice and quotations are provided free without obligation.

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