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About The Project

EH Group® was contacted to investigate a flooded area approx quarter of an acre in size. Due to the insensitivity of burial plots, EH Group® were unable to install a conventional drainage system. Therefore a scheme was devised to raise over 300 headstones complete with landings to create a gradient from the middle point of the plot directing water to the surrounding paths. Over 100 tonnes of soil was imported to site, the entire area was surveyed, headstones and landings were plotted and recorded. They were then raised, soil was installed creating the new gradient, they were then re-laid in their exact position upon completion of the gradient. Top quality turf was then laid to the newly raised area.

Drainage was then installed in the path to take the surface water. This was directed into a newly installed EH Group® pumping station to be pumped away from the area.

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